Leasing at Victorian Alpine Resorts is undertaken in accordance with the Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy, which was released by the Victorian Government in 2002.  It is considered timely to review the leasing policy and associated implementation details to ensure that leasing policy, decisions and documentation support applicable alpine sector policy, are efficient and effective in operation and consistent with contemporary practices.

Who is doing the review?

The Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council (ARCC), has been requested by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to lead the review.  A Project Steering Group comprising ARCC and DELWP staff, has been formed to set the parameters of the project and the working group, assess the advice of the working group and draft policy advice for consideration by DELWP.  A Project Working Group has been formed to undertake stakeholder engagement and provide advice.  The Working Group comprises representatives from DELWP, ARCC, Alpine Resort Management Boards (ARMBs), the Alpine Resorts Industry Advisory Group (ARIAG) and the Victorian Snowsports Association (VSA).

The Project Steering Group will provide an opportunity for further limited input from the Project Working Group and ARMBs during the drafting of its policy advice.

When will a decision be made?
The Project Steering Group is considering the advice from the Project Working Group and anticipates that a draft policy will be presented to DELWP and the Minister in mid-2020 for decision.
Leasing Policy Position papers ARMBs and VSA
Leasing Policy Review Engagement Plan Strategic Overview