Program Overview

VARDP is a program to support ARMBs to realise infrastructure investment projects within the Victorian alpine resorts that are based on robust business cases and are aligned with resort, regional and state-wide strategic plans.

VARDP is co-ordinated by the ARCC on behalf of the ARMBs and other stakeholders in the Victorian alpine resorts.

For details of the VARDP Project Submission Requirements contact Natalie Baran, Senior Project Officer on (03) 9637 9781 or

Key Objectives
  • Ensure the efficient co-ordination of the investment program for Victorian alpine resorts.
  • Increase industry co-operation and cohesion to foster the advancement, improved visibility, and success of the Victorian alpine resorts.
  • Deliver an industry endorsed list of infrastructure investment priorities with identified funding sources (public and private).
  • Improve the probability that prioritised projects will receive funding.
  • Limit duplication or additional bureaucracy, reducing red and green tape.
Program Scope
  • Prioritise individual infrastructure projects across all Victorian alpine resorts.
  • Determine potential funding sources (public and private).
  • Assist ARMBs in applying for and securing funding for prioritised projects.

The ARCC will assist the applicants of prioritised projects in preparing funding applications and managing the funding application process. The VARDP will neither provide nor guarantee funding for project applications.

Program Outputs

The key output of VARDP is a comprehensive list of infrastructure projects being considered across the Victorian alpine resorts, known as the Victorian Alpine Resort Infrastructure Project List. It is separated and categorised by type of infrastructure and project stage of development.

There are four projects currently listed at Tier 1 stage and three at Tier 3 stage. Click here for table of current projects.

For further details refer to the VARDP Policy by clicking here