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Monitoring Strategic Plan Actions

The ARCC will monitor the delivery of the strategic plan through its existing Council meeting process. Twice a year (October and April) ARMB Chairs will provide a progress report on the delivery of that year’s actions that are assigned to the ARMBs, as will the Chair of the ARCC for actions assigned to it. The ARCC will also provide an update on the progress of any actions assigned to other organisations (such as DELWP). This has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is in the process of review.

Strategic Plan Action Progress Report – 2020

Strategic Plan Action Progress Report – October 2021

The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, The Hon. Lily D’Ambriosio MP has endorsed the release of the Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 – Responding to a Changing Climate, the notice of which was tabled in the Victorian Government Gazette on 7 May 2020.

The development of this strategic plan was informed by the findings from the review of the 2012 Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan: “Future strategic planning should be focused on establishing a flexible and collective approach among alpine sector stakeholders to implement the strategic priorities for alpine resorts set by the Victorian Government. This must be underpinned by a consultation process that is truly collaborative and re-establishes buy-in and ownership among key government and non-government stakeholders”

Stakeholder Engagement and Plan Development

Achieving this level of stakeholder buy-in was the primary goal in developing this strategic plan and is reflected in the stakeholder engagement plan and stakeholder promise published on the ARCC website prior to engagement commencing. At the conclusion of the stakeholder engagement process the ARCC had received 381 online submissions and hosted 200 people at its workshops. The requirement to respond to the impacts of climate change, and the principles contained in Victoria’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2017–2020, also guided the development of the strategic plan.

Engagement plan