Historical Snow Depth Statistics

Snow data is sourced from each of the resorts, using data collected each morning by on-mountain staff. The measuring of natural snow depths is done at up to four gauge locations (snow plots) at the resorts. From these locations an average overall depth is ascertained, as well as an average 24hr snowfall. The average depth in snow-making areas is calculated from depths taken from probing the areas where snow-making occurs.

Notwithstanding that all Victorian alpine resorts (other than Mount Stirling) routinely make snow during the season when the conditions are suitable, snow depth in snow-making areas may not be reported in cases where only limited ski lift accessible terrain is open, particularly early or late in the season.

In addition, during the season, when there is an abundance of natural snow, accurate snow depth measurements in snow-making areas may not have been recorded. Rather, snow depth in snow-making areas may have been assumed to be equal to natural snow depth or may have been recorded as exceeding the reported snow depth (e.g. 146cm+). This means that recorded snow depths in snow-making areas, may be less than the actual snow depths in snow-making areas.
In addition the snow reporting service ceases when resort operations cease, be that before or at the official end of the snow season. As a consequence, no snow depths are reported subsequently, notwithstanding that significant snow depth may remain.