Historical Winter Statistics

Since the 1980s the managers of alpine resorts have collected information on visitation numbers. Information on the number of visitors and the number of visitor days (visitors X length of stay) is collected on a weekly basis, based on entry pass sales information. Visitation by visitors entering on single or multiple day passes is readily determined from actual pass sales, whilst visitation by the holders of season entry passes is based on estimates.

Commencing in 2006, the Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council and the Alpine Resort Management Boards have conducted a consistent survey of visitation by season entry pass holders at all resorts, to better estimate visitation. Each season entry pass holder is sent a survey card and asked to fill in details of their visits (including length of stay and passenger numbers) and return their survey cards to the Council. At the end of the winter season, following analysis of the survey returns, Council adjusts the figures from the final week of the winter season to produce the annually-published ‘End-of-Season’ results. 

The end of season visitor results as well as a separate annual report of visitation are prepared each year and can be found on Council’s website in the Publications section under the Research tab.

Historical winter season visitation statistics, dating back to the 1980s, is also available on Council’s website by clicking on the link below.

To encourage the return of the seasonal pass holder survey forms, the Council and Alpine Resort Management Boards offer one or more free Resort entry passes.

The names of the winners of resort-specific entry passes offered by Alpine Resort Management Boards are posted on Alpine Resort Management Board websites.

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