Strategic Action

SA 1.1

Identify new, and enhance current, year-round experiences that attract investment.

SA 1.2

Create opportunities for diverse sources of development funding.

SA 1.3

Work with infrastructure and service providers to maintain, upgrade, replace, and provide the optimum suite of assets for a sustainable, climate ready alpine region.

Strategic Action

SA 2.1

Sustain and protect the biodiversity of the alpine ecosystems.

SA 2.2

Connect people with the alpine environment and enable low-impact visitation.

SA 2.3

Reduce the environmental footprint of the alpine resorts.

Strategic Action

SA 3.1

Deliver the optimum visitor experience by matching infrastructure and services with visitor needs.

SA 3.2

Deliver a resort experience that is mindful of cultural needs and continue to improve access for all abilities.

Strategic Action

SA 4.1

Review and update the Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy.

SA 4.2

Review and update the Alpine Resort Strategic Management Plan Framework.

SA 4.3

Develop Alpine Resort Siting and Design Guidelines.

SA 4.4

Improve the effectiveness and effciency of the Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme.